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Was there a teacher who made a difference in your life when you were younger? How would you like to make a similar impact on a young person’s life?

With an education degree from Immaculata University, you can specialize in an area of interest to you. We offer education programs that will help you earn your teacher certification in one of the following areas:

PreK 4 Certification

In the pre-kindergarten through grade 4 program, you will learn about teaching resources and methods of presenting material to your class. Your courses will cover the importance of play, relating to parents of young children, and children’s emotional, physical, social, intellectual, and creative development.

Special Education PK-12 Certification

In this program, you will explore categories of disabilities, legal issues, and methods for collaboration among all school personnel, families, students, and community programs. You’ll learn how to develop, implement, and manage individual education programs, and how to adapt your instruction to accommodate students with special needs in an inclusive school setting. Courses also cover pedagogical techniques and progress monitoring.

Secondary or K-12 Education

If you are interested in teaching biology, business and computers, chemistry, English, or social studies/history at the secondary level, you will major in one of these subject areas and take education classes to get your certification. You can also earn K-12 teacher certification in music.


The Education Division at Immaculata will help you understand professional standards, pedagogical skills, and ethics in order to become a knowledgeable teacher. You will be encouraged to analyze educational issues, exemplify creativity in teaching, and practice Christian values.

To provide you with real classroom experience, the education program includes a substantial experiential component: field experience during sophomore and junior year, and student teaching during senior year.

Immaculata also offers a master’s degree in educational leadership, which you may pursue during a fifth year of study.

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