Undecided: About a Major

Immaculata专注于帮助你找到符合你兴趣的专业, personality and ability.

College is a time for exploration and self-discovery; as a young adult you don’t need to know exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life. 虽然看起来每个人在刚上大学的时候都知道自己的专业, 其实不知道更常见,这完全没问题! Rather than make a hasty decision about a major, 澳门银河网上注册建议你从一个旨在帮助你更多地了解你的选择和更多地了解自己的项目开始. 然后,当你确定你的专业时,它就会非常适合你,非常适合你!

Choosing to be in the Undeclared/Undecided Program 这将是开启大学之旅的正确道路,如果你:

  • 有很多兴趣爱好,但可能还没有准备好选择一个特定的专业
  • are feeling cautious about committing to a major
  • 想要了解更多的选择,真正了解你未来的可能性



Immaculata已经准备好帮助你找到合适的人选. 澳门银河网上注册发现,在澳门银河网上注册的非公开课程的学生通常都很好奇, have lots of interests in different subjects, and are skilled in lots of different areas.


How to Choose a Major

选择专业是一个重大的决定,但它不必令人害怕. 试试这四个步骤,带着信心开始这个过程.

Getting Started

Now is the perfect opportunity to explore. 你可以在做出承诺之前先看看自己感兴趣的领域. Here is how to get started:

  • Complete your application. 在应用程序的“主要信息”部分,只需选择“未决定”.”  Once you enroll at IU, 您将被指派一名专门从事探索性研究的学术顾问, who will assist you with your academic plan.
  • Immaculata offers more than 50 major choices. Investigate all the programs that IU offers here.

Undeclared/Undecided Program Highlights

  • 在学术成功与咨询办公室,你将与指定的学术顾问密切合作.
  • As you embark on this journey, 你将参与专门设计的程序, including group events, individual advising, 并完成职业/性格调查,以帮助探索他们的价值观, strengths and personality types.
  • 你的学术顾问将与你和职业发展办公室的职业教练协调一次会议,以了解更多你感兴趣的职业,并完成其他职业相关的活动.
  • 澳门银河网上注册有信心在你一年级结束的时候, 你将见多识广,为选择专业做好准备.

Challenging the Myths about Being “Undecided”

Myth #1: “I’ll just figure it out eventually.”

只是等待和希望并不一定能帮助你探索. You will need to do some work to find your path.

Myth #2: “I’m the only one who doesn’t have a plan.”

你可能会觉得你是唯一一个没有选择专业的人. 现实情况是,更多的学生以未申报身份入学.

Myth #3: “Once I’ve chosen a major, I won’t be able to change.”

Some majors are easier to change than others, 但是没有学生应该继续学习你认为不合适的专业.

 Myth #4: “当我选择了一个专业,我就选择了我一生的职业.”

Understand that a major is an area of study, a subject that you enjoy, not necessarily a career choice. 这个专业可能会通向一个特定的职业,但也可能不会. Remember, too, 今天的大多数人在他们的一生中会换几次工作甚至职业道路. In fact, 劳工统计局估计婴儿潮一代, on average, changed jobs 11 times.

Myth #5: "有一个测试可以让我和我完美的专业匹配"

有一些自我评估清单可以用来作为探索自己、专业和职业的工具. 然而,没有一项测试或清单能绝对让你找到完美的专业. To narrow your options when selecting a major, we suggest using a combination of inventory results, 定期与你的学术顾问和印第安纳大学的职业专家会面, 研究你将独立完成的专业.

Myth #6: “如果我一开始就犹豫不决,我就不能及时完成学业,和朋友们一起毕业.”

For most of Immaculata’s degree programs, 你可以在大一春季学期申报你的专业,然后就可以顺利毕业了. 大约85%的学生在第一学年结束时选择了自己的专业,并按时毕业. 一个以“未决定者”身份开始的学生在四年之内不毕业是非常罕见的. Sometimes, 仓促决定专业可能会导致不满,然后在2年甚至3年后换专业. 在这个时候改变主意会影响你预期的毕业日期.

Myth #7: “如果我专注于一个专业,我就必须放弃所有其他的梦想和计划.”

澳门银河网上注册发现很多在选择专业方面犹豫不决的学生都有很多兴趣爱好. Remember that there are many ways to combine programs; the most common way is to add a minor in your second or third year at Immaculata. All degrees have room for and require electives, so you can take classes and explore other interests, 即使这些课程不是你选择的专业的一部分.

How Crucial is the Choice of a Major?

Don’t rush your decision

  • Studies show 那些花时间和精力研究专业的学生比那些更早选择专业的学生毕业率更高.

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How important is your major?

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