• 商业俱乐部: This club allows students to get involved in a variety of professional development and business-oriented engagements, 比如为商业俱乐部撰写时事通讯, 恢复建设, 参加特邀演讲活动.
  • Enactus: 一个将大学生与企业赞助商配对的国际组织. 这些企业赞助商使参与的大学能够在地区竞争, 国家, 和全球竞争.
  • 运动科学俱乐部: The Exercise Science Club promotes academic success and 社区 involvement for those who join the organization. 俱乐部提供社交的机会, 学术共享, 以及为其成员提供社区服务.
  • 时尚集团: An organization dedicated to developing and promoting fashion industry professionals by attending fashion shows, 时尚事件, 接待特邀演讲人并进行社区服务.
  • 音乐疗法俱乐部: 为所有学生提供更好的理解音乐治疗专业.
  • PCMEA (PA大学音乐教育工作者协会): Promoting the development of music education majors and engaging the IU 社区 through outreach and advocacy campaigns.
  • 心理学俱乐部: 这个俱乐部为对心理学感兴趣的无玷圣公会学生提供了一种社区的感觉, 促进对各种与心理相关的职业机会的认识, 提供真实的体验, 让社区参与到推广活动中来, 科学研究, 和项目领导.
  • 学生饮食协会: Committed to promoting professionalism among members through educational and social opportunities
  • 学生护士协会: The purpose of the SNA is to bring nursing students together to help and support one another in succeeding in their nursing education.


  • CogWell国际单位: 这个俱乐部的目的是推广倾听的力量, 帮助别人成为支持你的朋友, 培养同情心, 练习自我护理,提高精神健康意识.
  • 环保俱乐部:这个俱乐部通过捡垃圾来促进无玷圣公会社区的团结, 支持和合作环境项目, 通过减少浪费来保持校园清洁.
  • 花园俱乐部: 学生以种植新鲜农产品为当地食物银行提供食物为使命. 另外, Muddy Macs will provide the IU 社区 with valuable information regarding nutrition and healthy living.
  • 部队IU: This group raises money and awareness for the Wounded Warriors Project and shows support for our veterans as well as our current and future service members.
  • IU的女性: The purpose of the club is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for every student of the College of Undergraduate Studies, 尤其是女性. The club will also act as a go-between to support and empower the communities surrounding Immaculata. Students have a chance to develop their individual character and capacity for 领导 through the exercise of promoting women’s struggle for equality, 表示, 以及校园内外的社区支持. 此外, this club looks forward to inspiring Immaculata students to not just promote and support the role of women on IU’s campus, 同时也将这些价值观带到他们未来的职业生涯和更广阔的世界.
  • 政治科学俱乐部: A nonpartisan organization with the goal of encouraging productive discourse on important issues of the day and engaging with them in the real world. It is committed to growing our knowledge of public policy and promoting reasoned dialogue and action.


  • 提示 & 窗帘剧院: 大学里最古老的组织, the 提示 and Curtain Players present either a drama or musical in the fall and a children’s theatre production in the spring.
  • IU赞美诗: Helps members develop singing technique and provides performance opportunities in the local 社区.
  • IU舞蹈公司: 无论是业余爱好者还是专业人士, the dance company is a great way to have fun and burn calories while dancing traditional dances.


  • αXi: 一个旨在促进其成员之间的友谊和相互信任的社会联谊会, 同时秉承圣母大学的传统和理念. Alpha Xi的成员鼓励优秀的学术, 为他人提供服务, 并灌输女性和良好公民的最高理想.
  • Delta Kappaν: The purpose of Delta Kappa Nu sorority is to uphold the core values and mission statement of Immaculata大学 while embracing diversity, 姐妹关系, 和服务. 澳门银河网上注册致力于鼓舞人心的社区服务, 接受不同的文化, 比赛, 宗教, 和性, 展示澳门银河网上注册姐妹们的潜能.
  • δπ: 德尔塔派促进积极和潜在成员的兄弟情谊和同志情谊, 发展和赋予领导能力, builds character and integrity and works to instill pride and respect for oneself and Immaculata大学.
  • οπε: Omicron Pi Epsilon’s mission is to develop a sense of family and for sisters to share their college and lifelong experiences. 欧米克隆姐妹是一个多元化的团体,欢迎各种种族的女性, 宗教, 和种族. They share common interests and bond through the values of 姐妹关系, service, respect, and trust.
  • τφ: 以团结为宗旨的社会联谊会, 以姐妹情谊维系平等和尊重. 保持健康是俱乐部的宗旨, 关闭 relationships between members and create bonds which will last beyond the boundaries of Immaculata大学, 同时在团队中培养学术和个人成功.


  • 国际单位荣誉协会: 成立于1959年,旨在提升知识文化热情, 成员的成就, 并对整个社会的知识和文化卓越作出贡献. A student of the College of Undergraduate Studies who has achieved Dean’s List status for any three semesters is eligible for membership.
  • Kappaδπ: Kappa Delta Pi (KDP), 国际教育荣誉学会, was founded to foster excellence in education and promote fellowship among those dedicated to teaching.
  • Kappaον: National 荣誉 Society for the Human Sciences (KON) promotes empowered leaders who use an integrative approach to enhance quality of living through excellence in scholarship, 领导, 和研究.
  • λπ埃塔: An honor society that provides numerous communications and public relations opportunities for its members.
  • 全国领导学会 & 成功: NSLS是美国最大的领导荣誉协会. Our chapter was started in 2015 and is part of the 国家 organization with 700+ chapters and over 1.400万个成员. 截至2021年,澳门银河网上注册有902名会员可以访问超过 400000美元的奖学金,一个专属的NSLS求职公告栏,一封个性化的推荐信. and who learn from exceptional leaders like former President Barack Obama during exclusive Speaker Broadcasts. 参观 NSLS网站 了解更多,接受你的提名.
  • Psi气: 心理学专业学生的全国荣誉学会.
  • σδπ: 西班牙国家荣誉协会,专为绩点3的学生设立.高级西班牙语课程成绩不低于25分,平均成绩不低于3分.0. Students must demonstrate enthusiasm in promoting interest in the Spanish language and the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.
  • σζ: Sigma Zeta是一个致力于数学和科学的荣誉协会. Their purpose is to encourage and foster scholarly activity and to recognize and honor scholarly achievement in the natural and computer sciences and mathematics


  • Immaculatan: 学生报纸, 包含校园的六个部分, 社区, 国家, 和世界新闻.
  • 朝圣: This club works to promote literary excellence and to showcase student writing to the IU 社区.

社会 & 多元文化的

  • 非裔美国人文化协会: 一个致力于促进多样性的俱乐部, 教育人们, 为了社会的共同利益团结所有种族的人们.
  • 玩家俱乐部: 无论你是休闲还是好胜, Gamers Club exists as a shared space where students can explore their interests on any platform. 探索各种各样的游戏主题涉及视频, 桌游和纸牌游戏——每个人都有适合自己的东西.
  • 光谱: The purpose of this club is to promote and assist in the education of the student body about the LGBT population. The organization shall educate interested parties in how to be resources to the student body and supportive of this population. 这应通过制订教育方案和定期召开新闻会议来实现.


  • 天主教救济服务大使: Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is dedicated to making as much improvement as possible in regard to the quality of life of those in need. CRS ambassadors call the University 社区 to action by providing informative teachings related to specific social justice issues.
  • 皇冠的创建: 一个安全而神圣的地方供妇女们在信仰中聚集, 同时提供一个与上帝以及彼此发展关系的机会, by educating on Christian femininity and discovering what it means to be a woman of faith in the world today.